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Secure Shredding

WT Supplies can offer you a secure compliant shredding service, with rapid response involving eminent levels of security from highly vetted and trained staff, providing peace of mind that all confidential information is handled with complete protection.

We can offer one-off or a regular shredding service, confidential waste disposal, as well as off and on-site shredding. Our shredding services are not just for paper documents, we also include the shredding of branded items and hard drive destruction.

All our shredding services are fully compliant with legal regulations and standards, helping you avoid potential penalties of up to £500,000. We provide a full range of services to suit your individual needs.

 Document shredding
Dispose of confidential documents such as bank statements, accounting reports, customer documentation and other paperwork. We offer secure on-site and off-site destruction to meet your needs.
 Media Destruction
To ensure that information can never be recovered from electronic media is to physically destroy it. Whether it’s hard drives, CDs, floppy discs or video tapes, we will ensure secure media and data destruction for you.
 Product Destruction
Protect your brand reputation with our secure product destruction service. We will help you securely shred items such as branded uniforms, membership cards, packaging, defective and counterfeit products. We can destroy products of any size and ensure you are fully compliant with the waste handling regulations.
 Protect your business
Regular shredding will ensure that sensitive files and documents do not accumulate in your workplace and unwanted items are disposed of in line with the latest rules and regulations. Protect your staff, customer and your business reputation with our secure shredding services.
 Data Protection Act
With the increasing threats companies face with data stored on computers or in an organised paper filing system, it is crucial this information is destroyed securely. Here at Office Services we take pride in helping companies keep up with Data Protection Act Compliance.
 Environmental Law
We are fully compliant with environmental regulations. Any business that produces, handles or disposes of confidential waste is legally required to ensure it is managed correctly under Duty of Care legislation.
Please note:- Service is not available for Off Shore Mainland UK postcodes, Far North of Scotland (KW Postcodes) or Far West Wales (SY/SA postcodes)                                                                                                              One Off Collection £112.50Type
Included in the £75 one off collection charge Sacks up to 15kgs eachX 15Bin Bags
Included in the £75 one off collection charge Archive size box`s up to 15kgs eachX 15

Additional Sack`s or boxes  (15kgs)

£7.50 each 


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